Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nail Designs

I have always been into creating cool nail designs, but finding the time to do them is whats most difficult sometimes. I recently bought four finger displays to be able to keep the designs I do and be able to display them more nicely. Not to mention they make things so much easier when it comes to actually painting a nail that it not my own. So I just want to share some pictures and products with you all, showing you some of the designs I have come up with :)

I actually did three of these designs (leopard, bow, & abstract) in one sitting, I was bored one night haha I did the cupcake a while back and never got around to using the rest of my fingers, I have to get more now though.

Now I'll break down what I used and where I got it from for each design...

Background Color: OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape 
Base of the Cupcake: A random orangey-pink color  from a little CVS set 
Icing of the Cupcake: NYC 134 French White $1 Walmart 
Stripes and Sprinkles: $1 detailer brush polish from Family Dollar- LA Splash.  
And, the little 3D heart came from this set I got at a beauty supply store. 

Background Color: Rubby Kisses -Champagned Out
Brown Spots: Essie -Buy Me a Camo
Black Pattern: Rubby Kisses -Pure Black

Rubby Kisses is a brand that my favorite beauty supply store (that is now closed down, wahh) used to sell for only $1 a piece! I have a whole little collection of colors from them (picture below). But I absolutely love this brand and the colors they have to offer. I have a wide variety of nail polishes from expensive to dirt cheap and I have to say that for the price, Rubby Kisses are pretty good quality and work wonderfully. But my only problem is that now that my beauty supply store has closed down I don't know where I can find them :( I know this brand offers cosmetics too, guess Ill have to search around at other beauty supply stores.

Background Color: NK Pink Nail Polish - $1 Beauty Supply Store
White: NYC 134 French White $1 Walmart
3D Bow: Round Set $5 -Nail Supply Store

 I love these little bows, they come in a lot of different colors and I got them for cheap too! :)

For this Absrtact Design I used a bunch of different colors/brands.

Green Background: RNP130 Tropical Green -Rubby Kisses $1
Yellow: 008 Margarita Senorita -Confetti CVS $2
Purple: 071 Belle of the Ball -Confetti CVS 2
Pink: RNP81 Tropical Blend -Rubby Kisses $1
Blue: RNP141 Blue My Mind -Rubby Kisses $1

Now for some random other designs I've done. I only broke down what I used in these 4 designs above because I just recently did them and still remember what I used, but for the rest Im going to show you, I only remember so much haha. Enjoy!

Crappy cell phone picture, One of my first designs Hello Kitty! I remember the salon couldn't do it so I got annoyed and went home and did it myself.

 Then I got into this whole mosaic thing, practiced on my sisters toes and then all my friends wanted them done :)

I remember watching Queenofblending's video on these and HAD to try :) 
I'd link it, but I think she took the video down.

Crazy Jersey Style Nails...


Valentine's Day/ Hello Kitty

 Animal Prints...

 Simple French ... ^ Essie Mint Candy Apple, definitely one of my all time favorite colors

 This is a recreation of a Cutepolish design, Ill link her video below.

 Messing around with water marbling

Strawberry Toes!

Tuxedos! I have a video on this one.. 

I just finished putting up this humble little nail polish rack I made! Im so happy it came out okay, and so glad that my dad put it up for me, I would have had no clue where to start haha. Building it myself was way more fulfilling then buying it, not to mention how expensive they can be.

Thats all for now!!!

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