Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Most Recent Shoe Find

So as most of you already know, there is nothing that I LOVE more than finding a bargain :) Since I am so excited about my two most recent shoe finds I had to share them. I got each of these two pairs for a significant discount off of the original price so I am definitely happy about that! The only thing Im a little sad about are the round marks on the Marcianos, but no biggy, my foot goes over that part anyway haha. I know Im going to over do it on the pictures, but whatever!  Let me know if you like them.


Love the Tassels, So Different. 
Pretty Little Blue Flowers 
Seychelles :)

 Both Pairs <3
I should have taken a picture of the pretty bottoms before I wore them! Haha I was a little to excited and couldn't wait.

I love both of these pairs since they are so comfy. I am really picky when it comes to my shoes (especially when it comes to comfort) so I was really happy about that also. I have no idea how often Im going to wear these though, they aren't exactly your everyday shoes haha. 

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