Thursday, May 31, 2012

Current Everyday Makeup (Spring/Summer2012)

So I noticed that I tend to switch up my everyday makeup look pretty often.  It usually consists of the same shades, but I like to try different brands and colors. For example, I started out doing my everyday makeup with my coastal scents warm palette and got tired of it and started using Urban Decays Naked2 palette instead. Now I'm using a combination of MAC and Lancome eyeshadows to get my everyday look and it is definitely my favorite combo. 

^ My Previous Everyday Makeup Routine ^
You can tell that it is a little lighter and more subtle than the picture below. The current look is a little but more intense but not over done.  

^ My Current Everyday Makeup Routine ^
(I hardly ever add the lashes though)

My Most Recent Shoe Find

So as most of you already know, there is nothing that I LOVE more than finding a bargain :) Since I am so excited about my two most recent shoe finds I had to share them. I got each of these two pairs for a significant discount off of the original price so I am definitely happy about that! The only thing Im a little sad about are the round marks on the Marcianos, but no biggy, my foot goes over that part anyway haha. I know Im going to over do it on the pictures, but whatever!  Let me know if you like them.


Love the Tassels, So Different. 
Pretty Little Blue Flowers 
Seychelles :)

 Both Pairs <3
I should have taken a picture of the pretty bottoms before I wore them! Haha I was a little to excited and couldn't wait.

I love both of these pairs since they are so comfy. I am really picky when it comes to my shoes (especially when it comes to comfort) so I was really happy about that also. I have no idea how often Im going to wear these though, they aren't exactly your everyday shoes haha. 

Relationship Advice?

So, I was asked to do a video concerning relationships and how I have been able to maintain mine for so long. I am 5 years in with my boyfriend Stefano, who was kind enough to be in the video with me.  We basically rambled on for a while being that the question was so general but we tried to cover the most important topics.  We would LOVE to answer any other dating related questions, and we have received a few already! 
Any relationship takes a serious amount of time and dedication. Stefano and I have been through so much together and even though we are a happy couple we have had our ups and downs.  Please don't hesitate to ask us questions! 

Freshlook Colored Contact Video

Hmm.. Sterling Gray, Blue, or, Gray?
 I'm kind of liking the sterling gray :)

Watch if you haven't already!