Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Essence Makeup

     I just finished editing and uploading my Target and Ulta related videos today. Its safe to say that the brand "Essence" was the star of these videos haha. I did buy a couple of things from Target, like my ELF (eyeslipsface) Powder Brush,  Ardell Lacie Lashes and a Milani Blush (Luminoso-05) but when I went to Ulta I guess you can say that I became fascinated with the "Essence" end cap :) I almost feel like I created a whole little mini series from recording myself shopping for products in the store, doing a haul on them, and finally putting the products to use in a tutorial. Im glad that purchased the products I did and was able to share my little experience with my followers :) 


Love my products! Except for the eyeliner pen from Essence, that kinda sucked haha I talk about it in my tutorial. But everything else was good! <3

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